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February 14th, 2017  |  Published in Uncategorized

I got some interesting interviews in the past week or so, which I figured I'd stick here for those who care.

First, Truthout made me their "progressive pick" for a week, and Mark Karlin ran [this interview]( about the general arguments of my book.

I was invited to [this roundtable]( for BBC radio, in which we discussed automation and its implications for the future of work. I'll just say that when you've gotten used to hearing Owen Bennett-Jones' plummy voice in the background on your radio, it's very odd to find yourself actually on the line with him. It was a well constructed panel, including both a professor from Ghana and a self-professed Luddite from Maine. Things got interesting at the very end, when one of the other guests tried to argue that technological progress automatically leads to shorter working hours--when it's almost axiomatic to me at this point that the causality runs in the [opposite direction](

Finally, I went straight from one Manhattan studio to another (in the middle of a blizzard) so that I could shift from the BBC to [the CBC]( Jim Brown and I had a nice little talk about my perpetual insistence that automation can liberate us from work--but only if our side wins the class struggle.

Finally, I got [written up]( at Rolling Stone Italy. But I don't speak Italian, so anyone who does is welcome to tell me if I've been horribly misrepresented.

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