My Bloggingheads Debut

March 11th, 2012  |  Published in Shameless self-promotion

If you enjoy the writing of me or Mike ["Rortybomb"]( Konczal, you're sure to love staring at our big bald white heads as we jabber about politics. Behold, my first appearance on, as Mike's guest on the new Roosevelt Institute series "Fireside Chats":

We get into the state of the left, capitalism's inherent tendency to crisis, the basic income, labor and automation, and of course, Star Trek. I'm not too experienced in doing stuff in this format, but I think it turned out OK. Thanks to Mike for inviting me on---there aren't a lot of liberal think tank folks who would think to have a kook like me on as their first guest.

In other news of radical socialist media domination, my comrades at the Democratic Socialists of America had a brief moment of fame on the Daily Show:

I think DSA national director Maria Svart acquitted herself well, especially in contrast to "Trotskyist From Central Casting" and libertarian nutball Wayne Allyn Root.

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