Link Roundup of Doom (or, the Crusties Were Right All Along)

September 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  2 Comments

I try not to go in for dour pessimism in my writing, but this weeks links are heavy on the doom-and-gloom. The one pleasant thing to come up today was the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's *Nevermind*. (Although maybe it's not all pleasant if, like me, you feel incredibly old contemplating that fact.) See [Latoya Peterson](, [Amanda Marcotte](, [Spencer Ackerman]( and [Matt Yglesias]( for extended coverage.

You probably have to be almost exactly my age to see this anniversary as a huge deal--any older and you'd have already known about the underground Nirvana came from, any younger and you wouldn't realize how much music and culture seemed to change after *Nevermind*. Yglesias and Ackerman both say that *Nevermind* didn't fundmentally shake up their understanding of music, but I can't say the same. I didn't have any older siblings to introduce me to punk rock, so I learned about it through Nirvana. There are very few moments in my life that I can vividly recall with a kind of "where were you when JFK was shot" specificity; one of them is the 9/11 attacks, and another one is the first time I heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit". I was 11 years old, sitting at my desk in my bedroom and doing my homework. I had the radio tuned to a Top 40 station (probably [KDWB](, because that's what I listened to at the time. But when "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came on I actually stopped what I was doing, turned around, and just sat there staring at the radio, listening to it. I had no idea what it was or where it had come from, but it was unlike anything I had ever heard before; I immediately decided that whatever it was, *this* was the kind of music I listened to from that point on.

From there, it was on to Fugazi, and then Minor Threat, and many more obscure finds from the bins at [Extreme Noise Records]( So this week's roundup of doom and gloom will be accompanied by a carefully chosen gourmet pairing of apocalyptic hardcore and crust punk, which I might never have known about if not for *Nevermind*.

- [We're doomed](, political dysfunction version. Musical accompaniment: Extreme Noise Terror, "Fucked Up System":

- [We're doomed](, wage stagnation version. Musical accompaniment: Assrash, "Kings of No Future".

- [We're doomed](, not even pretending to be a free country anymore version. Musical accompaniment: Doom, "Police Bastard":

- [We're doomed](, really really not even pretending to be a free country--hey, maybe that Mubarak guy was onto something! version. Musical accompaniment: Discharge, "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing".

- [We're doomed](, not only is Obama clueless about the economy, he's a worse feminist than Larry Summers version. Musical Accompaniment: Spitboy, "Isolation Burns".

- [We're doomed](), they killed Troy Davis edition. Musical accompaniment: Amebix, "Axeman".

- [We're doomed](, Euro crisis version. Musical accompaniment: Tragedy, "Beginning of the End".

- [We're doomed](, the FBI thinks counterrorism=Muslim-bashing version. Musical accompaniment: Destroy, "Burn this Racist System Down".

- And to sum it all up: Code 13, "Doomed Society".


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    Any chance you could share a pdf (or a copy/paste) of the TNR article? my email is my first name then broadus (no spaces) at hotmail

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